Bournemouth is a place with hidden treasures, surprising history and stories awaiting discovery. It is a sad truism that we often overlook what is on our doorstep, so this book will appeal to both residents, wishing to know more about their town, and visitors. As well as descriptions of places, people and events that make Bournemouth special, there are contributions from those living and working here. There are also seven walks (with maps) to help you explore.

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Containing first-hand experiences from over 100 people and featuring 70 different locations. The author’s intention is not to sensationalise but to present the accounts in an accurate and coherent way, and he makes an important distinction between ‘belief’ and ‘experience’: ‘The stories are about what happened to these people, not what they believe about something.’ Readers may form their own opinion, but it is David’s view that the case for the paranormal is overwhelming.

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As a follow-up to his highly successful first book Fordington Remembered: Growing Up in and Around Dorchester, David looks back at Mill Street, part of Fordington which had a reputation as a desperate place. Indeed, Thomas Hardy immortalised it in his novel The Mayor of Casterbridge with the name ‘Mixen Lane’. David’s book recalls the work of two local men who strove tirelessly to improve conditions for people living in this disadvantaged part of Dorchester – Reverend Henry Moule (vicar of Fordington) and A.H. Edwards (founder of the Mill Street Mission and Mill Street Housing Society). The book also contains interviews with those who lived there. Be transported into some very dark corners as this book brings to light and shares their memories.

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